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Installing Kuartet Desktop
1. Download latest release.
2. Unpack the archive in any directory. Change to the directory that is created.
3. As root, copy the kuartetlib directory to /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ (you're python version and/or location might be different).
4. Make directory /usr/share/kuartet or /usr/local/share/kuartet
5. Copy the following directories into the directory you just made
- settings/
- themes/
- images/
- configdialogs/
- plugins/

Using Kuartet:
Open any of the applets in the apps/ directory. If you encounter a problem, open a terminal, change to the apps/ directory, and run superkaramba from there. Post the error message here or email me.
The Desktopbar resides at the top of the screen and provides simple Desktop related functions (Log out/Lock Screen, a pager, and Show Desktop).
The Taskbar provides a taskbar and System Tray. Clicking the icons shows/hides the applets.
The Sidebar provides an interface to simple applets. So far, I've included a simple clock, analog clock, run/search input box, a system monitor, and a trash applet.
The Manager provides access to bookmarks (konqueror and firefox bookmark support to come), applications, and recent documents.

To configure Kuartet, right click on any Kuartet applet and click Configure...
You could also run the scripts manually. They reside in configdialogs/.
Config files are saved to ~/.kuartet/settings/.

Here is the a link to the latest README included in the package.
Soon I'll upload docs for kuartetlib so that other developers can start to easily create their own applets.