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The Kuartet Desktop is a completely customizable desktop shell built on top of KDE using SuperKaramba and python.
The aim of the Kuartet Desktop project is to create a visually appealing, easy to use desktop built upon KDE.
The Kuartet Desktop consists of three parts:
1. A library written around Superkaramba that makes it easy to write desktop applets that are integrated within a centrailzed desktop theme
2. A set of very usable desktop applets, the main one being the Kuartet Manager. The Kuartet Manager applet provides quick access to documents, applicaitons, bookmarks, etc.
3. Graphical configuration tools that simplify customizations to the Kuartet Desktop.

The Kuartet Desktop Sourceforge Project Page can be reached here.
The Kuartet Desktop Sourceforge KDE-Look Page can be reached here.

My name is Clarence Pearson. I am the lead developer of the Kuartet Desktop project. I can be reached at nuskoollabs@yahoo.com.

All code is released under the GNU Public License v.2