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3-21-06 - Logo Finished
There has not been too much work in the graphics department of the project, but that's beginning to change. You'll notice a logo at the top right of the page. I don't know if I'll use permanently, but it does the trick for the moment.
In other news,
I haven't spent too much time coding over the past week, so there won't be a release for a while. I've decided to freeze development on new plugins/features until I finish the configuration dialogs. Improving the overall polish of the desktop is of most importance at the moment.
I expect a release within the next 7-10 days.

3-11-06 - Released
Version has been released. This version includes a couple minor fixes.
The update includes
- Trash plugin supports drag-n-drop.
- Changed DesktopBar menu to display KMenu. This allows for access to applications if the Manager is not running.
- Made a few class adjustments in kuartetlib.
Download here.
Updated documentation can be found here.

3-8-06 - Milestone Release
I am proud to present version 0.4.0 of the Kuartet Desktop. Changes in this version include:
- Restructured directory layout.
- Added Sidebar applet and ported older applet as Sidebar plugins.
- Cleaned up Manager's appearance.
- Added DesktopBar and Taskbar applets.
- Other minor fixes that I can't remember.
Preview some screenshots here.
You can download it here

2-23-06 - New Website
Welcome to the Kuartet Desktop @ Sourceforge.net!
After some procrastination, I've finally gotten around to making a web site for the Kuartet Desktop. But what is the Kuartet Desktop?

The Kuartet Desktop consists of three parts:
1. A library written around Superkaramba that makes it easy to write desktop applets that are integrated within a centrailzed desktop theme
2. A set of very usable desktop applets, the main one being the Kuartet Manager. The Kuartet Manager applet provides quick access to documents, applicaitons, bookmarks, etc.
3. Graphical configuration tools that simplify customizations to the Kuartet Desktop.

Check out some Screenshots, the Download sections, or Documentation if any help is required.